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Choosing a therapist can feel overwhelming. To get started, let’s set up a free, 15- minute introductory consultation. Did you know that the quality of your relationship with your therapist plays a more important role in the ultimate outcome of your therapy than by the therapist’s theoretical approach? It’s true, and there’s a lot of research and evidence to back it up. That is why I suggest speaking with a few therapists before deciding who feels right for you.

This free consultation is an opportunity for me to answer any questions you may have as well as, to learn what you want to work on and provide additional information to get you started. If you decide that you do want to work with me, we will schedule your first appointment and go from there. On the other hand, if during the consultation I don’t think my services will benefit you, I will inform you of that as well.

Ready for your consultation?

Call 561-962-1335, or contact me by clicking here.

Once you schedule an appointment with me, you will need to complete the form(s) online. I will let you know which of the forms below you will need to fill out. If you have any difficulties sending these forms back to me, please let me know.

Contact Me To Schedule A Free Consultation